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The safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is always our top priority

Envirommental Policy

Our hotel is as a family run business hotel with the owners paying particular attention  to environmental and sustainable development issues.

The Amira Luxury resort, together with the administration and all the hotel staff, applies an Environmental Management policy, which covers both the entire hotel’s activities ,services and the accommodation. Our Hotel aims to minimize the environmental footprint of its activities by applying modern technologies and green management practices.

The environmental strategy and our initiatives are consolidated by the following actions: 

Designed to protect the environment:

  • We ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations of
  • National and European Environmental Legislation
  • We apply the principle of ‘prevention’ in relation to the generation of waste and waste
  • We continually assess the impact of our operation on the environment and apply practices to reduce it.
  • We continuously train our staff on environmental issues to understand the importance of their contribution to the achievement of our objectives.
  • We cooperate with specialized engineers in terms of energy and water management and conservation measures.
  • We set goals and evaluate their success.

Management and rational use of energy and water

  • Smart room technology-KNX System policy applicable to room and communal lighting
  • Installation and use of intelligent building management system (BMS) that controls water  load management, temperature of refrigeration and freezing areas, waste management  before shipment to the biological
  • Pool water recycling through tank
  • 100 % Use of economy lamps and LED.
  • Use of professional appliances low water and energy consumption in the kitchen.
  • Application of the Wash on Demand system .In the rooms there is informative material about water and energy savings .
  • Cleaning and washing chemicals have a quality label and are compatible with the Green Key list of banned products
  • Annual discharges are carried out both in rooms and in public areas (maintenance of a  detailed parasiticide dossier)
  • Regular maintenance of the installed cooling and heating systems by a specialized  workshop before the beginning of the summer period.
  • We use building energy efficiencyimprovementtactics(using photovoltaics on the roof   of the building )
  • Use day and night motion photocells
  • Magnetic sensor on the windows for proper air-conditioning operation
  • Use of thermal insulation windows
  • We have integrated solar thermal water heating system
  • Room Sign-in Card
  • Latest SMART low power TV installation
  • There are instructions for proper use of the dishwasher
  • Regular check for leaks to the hydraulic system
  • Use for cleaning, microfiber fabrics to save water and chemicals.
  • Use only certified biodegradable toilet paper.
  • We Implement Policies for Managing the HACCP Principles
  • Disposable glasses and boxes should be used only in special circumstances
  • Complete water insulation system for use water of the hotel’s food parts
  • Routine maintenance from certified company

 Natural Environment

  • Protection of the coastal and marine environment.
  • The building has been constructed with respect to the environment
  • Selection of specific endemic plants and elevation of them in our gardens with  low watering requirement


Implementation of  ‘Prevention – Reuse – Recycling’

  • Battery Recycling
  • Recycling of electrical appliances and lamps(Intermunicipal Corporation)
  • Recycling of paper, aluminum,glass and plastic (Intermunicipal Crp)
  • Save paper in the daily transactions of offices with recycling and as little paper printing   as possible.
  • Use of isothermal pot for coffee/water etc, instead of glass by personnel.
  • Oil collection and shipping to a specialist company for further processing
  • Plastic cap collection program to be used for the benefit of vulnerable resident

Waste Management

  • Use of oil cocollectors in the kitchen.
  • Waste water disposal in the biological treatment of the city.

Social & environmental practices

 Cooperation with local authorities for the conservation of natural beauty.

  • Training of environmentally sensitive employees
  • Inform customers about our Green Key program and environmental initiatives.
  • Supply of information on the green environmental areas and areas of the NATURA 2000   network, heritage sites, museums, archeological sites, award-winning beaches with Blue Flags and other important points of interest
  • Protection and promotion of the cultural heritage, history and traditions of our country
  • Providing information and motivating customers to use local public transport or to use   ecological means ( bicycles – electric cars)
  • The equipment, linen, clothing and other materials to be replaced shall be provided to local associations or staff members
  • We use products from local producers to boost the economy of the region
  • Philanthropic Action, participation in charitable activities or organization of charitable institutional events, sponsorships to charitable organizations or the creation of such organizations.
  • Voluntary participation in ecology-centered activities aimed at contributing to a better environment.
  • Development and distribution of quality products and services, at prices that are fair and customer-oriented, human-focused philosophy.

Social  Policy

As a familyrun business with owners who come from the Municipality of Rethymnon, we expect to maintain beneficialrelations and strong links with the local community, offering professional opportunities to as many of our fellow citizens as possible and giving priority to local suppliers.In addition to its commitments in its Environment and Health and Safety at Work Policies, the Management and Staff are committed to:

  • respect for children’s rights and protection against all forms of exploitation,including sexual exploitation. Staff are required to report any suspicious activity involving children, either by employees or by customers, to the Hotel Administration and the Local Authorities.
  • full compliance with national and international labor regulations, conditions, conventions and principles relating to work and to the protection, well-being, health and safety of children. In this context, non-ompliance with the Child Labor Law is not acceptable and our policy is not to cooperate with suppliers who do not adhere to the Child Labor Law at any establishment, their own or their subcontractors.
  • the provision of collective action and collective bargaining rights for all workersrespect for human rights and the protection of employment equality and equal opportunities regardless of: – Gender – Marital status – Whether or not there are dependents – Religious beliefs or political status – Race (nationality, skin color, etc.) – Age – Any special needs, health issues or specificities
  • respect of the hours and the fees laid down by our national legislation
  • We train our staff on our environmental commitments to understand the importance of their contribution to our goals

This environmental policy will be checked and reviewed annually to see whether it is practicable and to check the achievement of the objectives it sets at the beginning of each year.